Friday, July 13, 2007

Road Blocks

I came to a quick realization tonight, it's how much I actually struggle with writing dialogue, and how this happens with every issue. When we're working on the book, we have almost a set routine. We work out the story, pencil & clean up pages, get too close to our deadline, ingest lots of caffeine (and other unhealthy foods) and squeak by.

When it comes to developing the story, we write everything as plot points, as in figuring out everything that happens. In our thumbnails, we usually jot down some quick notes like "Zhen says something to this effect"....which is great in one sense, but really tough in the other. So, lettering the book becomes really painful.

Did I mention I hate doing dialogue?

The idea's there, but the specific words are not. It's tough. Writing something like this, or our pre-production sections is really easy, I guess it's because it's essentially my own thoughts, but coming up with what people say? Without out it sounding corny or really stiff? Yeesh!

There's not a whole lot of days left to finish up the book. We're both pretty confident that we can make it in time. We even changed our flights to give us a few extra days to get things ready for San Diego. Lots of excitement going into it, and hopefully we can channel that energy into solid production time.

Well, that's it for now!



Nicole the Printer said...

Welcome to Blog Land!

As I read over your entries, I just have to chuckle. I can see you and Laurie hard at work, scrambling to get the digital files off to print not TOO far past the promised deadlines.

Sometimes it seems a bit surreal the way that the comic is sent to press. I see each page, not as part of the comic, but as artwork to be reproduced - it's all out of context. It usually isn't until the ink is drying on the page that I have an opportunity to order the pages, sit on a handy carton of paper, and read through the comic as it was meant to be viewed.

It's exciting to hear that the last issue is coming along so well, and that it will be released at the big con.

I look forward to seeing the first of the finished files on Monday!

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