Monday, July 2, 2007

Last day

Well, we're into the last day of our 3 day production fest, yesterday's scores were the exact opposite from Saturday. I was able to clean up 3 pages, and Laurie penciled one. We talked about it last night and today is going to be the ultra-production day. I was thinking about how many days we had left before we need to send this to print, and I started freaking out because I was 'a weekend short'...after I got a grip on reality, I didn't feel so bad.

We pretty much need to average 2 finished pages a day, which isn't too bad. I know I've been able to clean up 4-5 pages in a single day when I'm into it. Laurie's been able to do 6 pages in a single day it'll be a good challenge, but not impossible.

My wrist & hand hurts like crazy, I always grip my pencil super tight, so it's like I'm getting a workout on my wrist. I've never found a way around that, unless I'm actually inking with a brush. I usually end up icing my entire forearm when I'm at work because of it.

Here's a peak at page #5 inked, so far it could be Laurie's favorite page out of the entire Monk's run. Well, that's it for now! Onto to Booster Juice & crazy page production!

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