Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Late night thoughts

Laurie just finished up this totally awesome page...normally, she'll pencil up a page then pass it over to me to clean up, then I'll pass it back to get shaded, and finally all the digital stuff (letters, cropping, etc.).

This time, she handed a page that was penciled & shaded, with partial clean ups...it was really cool to work on. I ended up 'punching up' the main characteers more, so they pop off the page better. It took her a while to get the page to me, but overall I think the process was faster because she could shade parts (in this case all of it) of the page in.

Looking back (although it's really not that long ago) it's funny how we've changed our production process...I think it always starts out the same, but we tweak it as we get closer to our deadline. At the moment I'm helping with some of the shading, but I don't think it's anywhere close to as good as Laurie's stuff. I'm also only shading the soldier characters too...her stuff seems to have so much more energy & fluidity to it.

It's late....going to bed now, gotta go to work tomorrow!


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