Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm flying, Jack!

Here's an overdue post...a pic of Kandrix and I on our first wedding anniversary weekend in Banff. We hiked up a mountain (symbolic) and realized 15 minutes into it how out of shape we both are. There was a family of 4 a fair distance behind us on the trail the whole way...A young couple, about our age, and they had a baby and, like, a 4 year old...and they were carrying them. yah. Fast forward 2 hours...we reached the top about 15 strides ahead of them. Ha HA! Victory!

We had celebratory grilled cheese sandwiches at the Panoramic Restaurant - yes, there is a restaurant on the mountain top - and got sleepy in the sun, so we decided to ride the gondola down to the base (also symbolic). They snap your photo all cheesy-like before your descent, and it's conveniently ready for purchase by the time you reach the bottom. They say the first anniversary is 'paper', so we figured photo-paper is as good as any!