Saturday, July 7, 2007

Creeping Deadlines

It's been a couple days since our last post, and we're getting closer and closer to our deadline. Laurie & I moved an extra desk downstairs so we could be working side by side during this deadline crunch. Normally I'm working upstairs in the studio room, but it's also gotten really hot (weather wise!) here so it's much cooler downstairs. I tend to get distracted when I'm surrounded by computers and I figured the less distractions I've got, the better.

We've also got very different work habits, I can get a good head of steam going early in the morning, while Laurie is like a night owl. I like to have loud music with heavy beats going, and she like to have a movie (usually animated) playing in the background. So we've done some compromising between the two of us.

So we're now at our second last weekend to be working on issue #7, we're both pretty confident that we'll make the deadline. I think it's important when you're trying to make a deadline is to eliminate your distractions and to not give in to your temptations. Case in point, there's a couple of movies that came out that we both want to check out really badly, Ratatouille and Transformers...under any normal circumstance, we would've checked them out opening we're saving them as our 'reward' once the book goes to print.

Well...that's probably my cue to stop writing this blog, as it can also be a distraction!


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