Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Series Done!

Wow! I can't believe that after five years, we've finally completed the mini-series! For those of you that have been following us from the start, we originally thought this would only be a three issue series, but it's definitely grown since we begun! Getting this book done is a huge accomplishment for us, it's like a gigantic 'monk' off our backs!

So, where have we been over the last while? It wasn't easy getting #7 finished, we wanted it for San Diego, and we worked our tails off to make it for the show. Here's a quick recap...

At this point, only a third of the book has been sent off to press.
Friday: Last day of work for both of us before we go on "vacation" from our day jobs. Artwork continues frantically. We're already later than we planned to get the book to our printer (she's awesome, more on that later!)
Saturday: The two of us barely slept, she's cranking out pages, I'm helping with some shading, and assembling the sheets digitally. Sheets are slowly FTPed up for pre-press.
Sunday: 'Only' four pages to go at this point, but we're both pretty burnt out...
Monday: Nicole, our printer, calls us several times over the day. We feel the crunch and we're working as hard as we can because we know she's pulling a huge miracle/favor/shotgun for us. Finally at 6:00pm, the last sheet gets uploaded! Hooray!
Tuesday: We sleep in a little bit, then head down to Able Printing to help Nicole out. For #7, we would cut, collate, the print run. Two of the sheets were actually printed at 5:00am that day. Lucky for us, it was really hot that day, and by the time we trimmed everything, those sheets were dry. We're there from 10:00am to 6:00pm, and the two of us are swapping shifts to take care of some personal things before we leave for San Diego.
Wednesday: We have an early morning flight to LAX at 7:00am, so we need to be at the airport by 5:00am. We've barely slept, and it's really rough for us...which I'm sure it's the case with lots of creators. We drive our rental from LAX to San Diego, pick up some friends, eat some awesome sushi, and setup at the show. Preview night didn't really work out for us, we had some stuff that was missing, so we decided to check out the show instead.

Well...that's it for this post, we'll write more about San Diego next time!